What is nori seaweed? Discover its benefits


It is known by all that vegetables are a source of vitamins and minerals, but if when we talk about them you still think only of terrestrial ones, it is because you do not know the benefits that some types of algae can bring to your diet. Specifically, we talk about nori seaweed, which provide a diversity of benefits. Find out what they are like and why take them right now!

For a few years, and under the influence of Asian gastronomy, nori seaweed have gained popularity and have managed to sneak into various recipes as substitutes for other vegetables thatWe used to use it as a perfect complement to embroider foreign dishes that we love like tartare or sushi. And it is that Asian gastronomy brings many benefits, it has many meanings and everything has a reason.

The importance of this alga is explained in two data: In Japan more than 600 kmĀ² of coastline are used to produce 350,000 tons of nori, with a worth a billion dollars (2002). China’s production is one third of the volume produced in Japan.

Well, indeed, it is not just a fashion, because once the professionals in nutrition and gastronomyAs they have discovered the benefits of this underwater variety, it seems that these algae are going to be present in the gastronomic scene for a long time.

In general terms, chefs specify that this food creates recipes and dishes really delicious and succulent and few do not include it in their restaurant menus.

Broadly speaking, we could say that the famous nori, this seaweed helps replenish and rejuvenate the body. Without going any further, and before discussing its benefits, also nutritional, we highlight that it contains up to ten times more calcium than milk, and high levels of iron, magnesium, and zinc, among others.

Many textures and flavors

The first thing is to stop thinking of them as something slimy and unappetizing: virtue lies in the variety of textures and flavors! So include this food in your dietary routines to complement your usual diet and thus achieve the optimal supply of nutrients.

They are easy to introduce and you don’t need to know how to cook too much. You can include them in sauces for an intense flavor and a touch of crunch, but also in soups and salads. Maximum variety!


The benefits that this ingredient can bring you are multiple, including:

High potassium content. Something that is perfect for those who suffer from chronic hypertension.

Vitamin C. The large amount of vitamin C included in nori seaweed is ideal for improving the immune function of our system. In addition, vitamin C, which can also help prevent and treat colds, is water soluble, so it is not stored in the body, so we need a daily intake to avoid a deficiency of it.

Antioxidants. If you are still not convinced, it is because you still do not know that, in addition to all these benefits, nori seaweed is also a perfect antioxidant thanks to the vitamin A they contain, so they are not only ideal for prevention liver pathologies and eye diseases They also help to delay aging and prevent the formation of harmful free radicals. Then it allows us to take care of ourselves outside and inside.

Sodium, a problem?

If you are concerned about the amount of sodium you include due to the ability to raise blood pressure that this mineral tends to have, do not worry, because potassium counteracts this effect, making this ingredient a perfect ally for treating cardiovascular diseases.

This algae is not only present in Japanese restaurants, but we can already see it in the most famous letters of the places (especially fashionable) that break schemes and introduce them to different dishes.


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