Tips for celebrating a country wedding


Weddings in the time of coronavirus are being very different from what we all know, but with patience you can wait for the ideal moment to celebrate it and thus do it in the best possible way. If you want celebrate a wedding in the country, read on and take note of the keys to achieve it.

With the measures that currently exist, it is difficult to celebrate a wedding, and large outdoor spaces are the best option, at least until the pandemic is over. In the countryside there is a lot of space, which is why it has become fashionable to choose this place to celebrate such an important event.

Keys to celebrating a successful country wedding

  • Permissions: a rural and natural environment will make your wedding look spectacular, but it is very important that before starting off you find out if you need to request any permits. If it is a private land there will be no problem, but if there is a public part perhaps there is, so it is better to make sure.
  • DistancesAlthough in many cases to go to the country you have to go far away from the city, the ideal is that it is a place of easy and relatively fast access so as not to spend a lot of time on the road. If it is far away, the option of sleeping there for all attendees would be interesting.
  • Decor: the field offers a wide range of possibilities at the decorative level, especially the country or rural area. Flowers, trees, hay bales, wooden benches … anything that can give a wild touch will be spectacular, both on the way to the altar and in the place of the banquet.
  • Posters: highly recommended to indicate which is each zone, the names or numbers of the tables, the bathrooms, etc. Ideally, the posters you prepare follow the decorative style of the wedding.
  • Dress: the wedding dress when you are going to celebrate a wedding in the country should be according to that place, so discard those that are very bright or have a long train since they are not suitable. You must move easily in this area, so bet on a simple and romantic dress, with comfortable shoes. Define a dress code so that all the guests are on the same line.
  • Menu: there are many menu options for weddings, and in the case of a rural setting you can focus on organic, seasonal or km products. 0.
  • Sustainability: bet on household items and items that are respectful with the environment, and of course reminds guests that they must take maximum care of the environment.


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