This is Zara’s overshirt that Laura Matamoros has made viral


This Zara overshirt by Laura Matamoros has gone viral. If a few days ago the model and influencer came out in the face of a wave of criticism for her lifestyle, thanks to these publications, the waters have returned to their course. Laura does what she does best, discover hidden garments from the new Zara collection. The way to combine them and wear them is the one that ends up making any piece viral, everyone wants to have them. The overshirt is a basic garment that is gaining strength with the arrival of bad weather.

Laura Matamoros has made this Zara overshirt viral

Laura Matamoros demonstrates with each of her publications the good taste for fashion that he possesses. The combination of signature bags with the most exquisite low cost has given rise to this total look. With the Zara wellies that have been the great sales success of these days, combine trousers with an over-shirt that attracts attention. Paula Echevarría also opted for this type of garment and it is not surprising to see how practical and warm it is. The Zara overshirt worn by Laura Matamoros has a series of details that make it very special.

This is Zara's overshirt that Laura Matamoros has made viral

Beige is perfect for fall. If we want to escape from black, gray or brown, nothing better than this beige tome. Being clear brings a lot of light to any look and combines with almost any garment. It is a good tone if we want to be up to date this fall, this overshirt manages to stand out even more in beige, although it is available in mauve and black.

The neck will serve us to pass the first cold. Being fully fastened, it is very warm, we do not need anything else to leave the house, with a scarf we can even overcome much of the winter, depending on where we live. It is a good garment as a wardrobe base this fall-winter.

This is Zara's overshirt that Laura Matamoros has made viral

Pockets add volume. When choosing this overshirt, we must bear in mind that the front pockets will add volume, so if we have a lot of chest, it is better to choose the right size to hide a little. Anyway, wearing the belt manages to masterfully balance any figure.

The important thing is to choose the right size. Any overshirt must fit perfectly, allowing freedom of movement and allowing almost any garment to be placed underneath. This Zara overshirt will be great for thick or thinner sweaters, dresses and even skirts, it will go with everything, as long as it is the right size.

This is Zara's overshirt that Laura Matamoros has made viral

The seams and details will mark a garment that sells for 39.95 euros. If we live in an area with mild winters or we want a 4 × 4 jacket that combines with everything and is comfortable, this overshirt will be the best option. It is very practical, it will surely look good with 80% of the garments in our wardrobe and it is very warm. Laura Matamoros has shown her keen eye on a piece of clothing that is becoming one of the most desired. The sizes are sold out at times on the web and in stores it is starting to disappear.

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