This is Mercadona’s natural shampoo that is succeeding in sales


Mercadona’s cosmetic and hygiene products have become a resounding success in recent years, leaders in sales in many cases thanks to their excellent value for money. Today we show you the Mercadona natural shampoo which is sweeping sales and is becoming one of the supermarket’s great successes.

The demand for natural shampoos has increased a lot in the last couple of years, and it is that more and more people want to bet on natural products for skin and hair care. They are usually expensive products, but the truth is that Mercadona has managed to position itself thanks to very good prices that undoubtedly make it worth giving this natural line a chance.

What is Mercadona’s natural shampoo like?

Mercadona’s new Natural line is a true wonder, suitable for all hair types and consists of shampoo, mask and serum, the perfect trio to give your hair the best care. It is a line designed by Maverick Laboratories, of the Ubesol Group, and the products have 97% natural ingredients. Its formula does not include silicones or dyes, and it is also considered a vegan line.

Mercadona’s natural shampoo is formulated in a way that cleans deeply while respecting the hair fibers as much as possible and being very beneficial thanks to containing linden extract and essential oils of sage and cedar that provide shine and natural softness.

The rest of Mercadona’s Natural line

This line is a perfect treatment for hair that, in addition to shampoo, also includes a mask and serum for a better hairstyle. The Natural Mask contains Abyssinian oil, which has softening and conditioning properties, which combined with pracaxĂ­ rich in omega 6 achieves an extraordinary softness. It is a mask with a high nutritional and moisturizing power.

The Natural Serum is the product that completes this fantastic trio, the perfect finishing touch for your hair. Nourishes and protects hair Thanks to its properties, a serum specially formulated for hair that needs extra care. It is very effective in combating frizz and sealing the ends.


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