The signs of the face that reveal aging and how to delay it


Over the years, the appearance of men and women changes due to factors of cellular aging. It is something inevitable since the passage of the years cannot be stopped, but knowing well what are the facial signs that reveal how we are aging, we can prevent and in some way, try to slow down aging.

The signs of the face that reveal the passage of the years and how to delay aging

From ages like those 30-40 years, the skin begins to manifest in an increasingly evident way, that the years go by. It may be that up to 25 years of age we hardly notice much change between the face we had as teenagers and the one we have as adults, but when we enter our thirties Small changes begin to be noticed, sometimes almost imperceptible, which little by little become obvious signs.

How the eyes change

Many of those signs are in the eyes. Although from 30-35 years we already notice, for example, the famous “crow’s feet”, when we reach 40 and especially in 50, they are something completely inevitable.

Is from the age of 30 when collagen production decreases and the skin sags or loses elasticity. Hence, we notice those little wrinkles and also that they appear dark circles increasingly marked.

Also with age, the facial muscles weaken and sag, taking the eyebrows with them. Consequently, the face takes on a moody appearance. The drooping corners of the lips and eyes face the face looking slightly tired. This is most apparent to those who don’t smile often.

Details about the face

The face in general shows all the experiences, the difficulties encountered and the peaks conquered, despite some signs of undoubted loss of youth. The complexion leaves its appearance healthy and radiant and it becomes duller with age. The main reason is the decrease in collagen and elastin . Also, lack of sleep, fatigue, an unhealthy diet, and bad habits contribute to this process.

Beneath a youthful forehead is a light layer of fat that fades with age. Therefore, when the forehead is full, it adheres to the bone wall with age, flattening and abandoning that feeling of proportionate roundness.

The lips that were previously full of volume become visually smaller and thin, due to loss of volume and hydration.

The Earlobes also lose their thin layer of fat and elasticity. As a result, they get longer, and a love of big, heavy earrings makes things worse.

How to prevent instead of cure

The best thing to do then is to try to prevent the telltale facial signs of the years. For this it will be good eat a healthy diet that can provide the skin with adequate nutrients. Get antioxidants through the citrus (vitamin C) and tomatoes (lycopene). Use extra virgin olive oil (oleic acid and vitamin E), Green Tea (against aging) and blue Fish (omega 3 and omega 6 fats).

On the other hand, it is preferable avoid that which ages the cells of the face and creates wrinkles, like prolonged exposure to the sun, smoking and perhaps it will help us, perform facial gymnastics. Use the suitable products for facial cosmetics is another factor to consider.

With these precautions, the cell breakdown can slow down and the appearance of telltale facial signs over the years will be significantly delayed.


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