the postures that help to have good digestion


He yoga It is one of the best activities that we can practice not only to relax at the end of the day, but also to be fit and even to have good health. In fact, there are some specific yoga poses, that if we practice them after dinner they could help us relax the stomach and intestines and facilitate digestion, so we are going to explain them to you next.

Yoga: the postures that help digestion

More than a physical activity, the yoga It is a real discipline that is very good for the body, mind and can improve your health if practiced conscientiously and consistently. Also, if you have difficulty digesting and always feel a bloated belly, Why not try these positions?


Gomukhasana is an asana that helps stretch the muscles of the spine and stomach, facilitating the digestion process. To do this position we have to bend the left leg and place the ankle close to the left hip, now place the right leg over the left leg so that both knees touch, then clasp your hands behind your back passing an arm above and another from below. You must then keep the spine straight and breathe deeply for about 1 minute.


Vajraasana is the most beneficial yoga pose after dinner. What you have to do is sit on your knees with both legs bent and place the palms of the hands on the thighs. We have to keep the spine straight, breathe deeply, and fully concentrate on the breath. We must stay in the same position for about 10 minutes.


Ardha Chandrasana is another great yoga pose to try after dinner. We have to stand straight on the yoga mat; raise the right hand to lean to the left side and try to touch the ground with your left hand. Then we have to repeat on both sides 10 times.


A separate mention deserves the mayurasana pose (which is also known as the peacock pose), an advanced position It requires a good dose of strength but, once mastered, has enormous benefits, especially for digestion. Consists in raise the body supporting elbows and hands on the ground.

It is in fact a specific position for the digestive system because, in addition to strengthening the whole organism and giving a strong stimulus to the nervous system, generates intense pressure throughout the abdominal cavity, able to move stagnation and oxygenate and tone all organs. It is a very intense position, so not only should you have some experience when practicing yoga, but it is also necessary to do it after you have warmed up properly, and it should be followed by relaxing positions such as forward bends. A curiosity: it is called a peacock position not because it is a position with which to strut, but because according to yoga it gives an iron digestion like that of peacocks, which are capable of digesting even poisonous snakes.


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