Remedies to soothe itchy scalp


Itching can be very common in certain parts of the body, and its origin can be in different causes, many of them avoidable or easily treatable. If you have itchy scalpKeep reading and you will discover some home remedies to successfully calm them down.

Whenever you see someone scratching their head, they think of lice, especially if they are children, but the truth is that it is not the only cause that can lead you to scratch as if there was no tomorrow, which can also hurt you.

Why does the scalp itch?

There can be several reasons that cause these itches, such as excess dryness, having some type of eczema or even a bad reaction to some hair product that you are using. Hair products that contain parabens, sulfates, alcohol or silicones tend to progressively dry out and damage hair.

Tricks to soothe itchy scalp


If the cause of the itching is dry scalp, egg yolk is one of your best options, and you can put it into practice very easily. Wash your hair with egg yolk (without shampoo) and then rinse with plenty of warm water, and the last jet of cold water. The number of buds will depend on the amount of hair, but a minimum of two is recommended.

Peppermint oil

Another good trick when washing your head is to add about 5 drops of peppermint essential oil to your usual shampoo, a very small amount since in excess it could cause irritations, more than you already have. In addition to soothing itching, peppermint will make your scalp able to prevent hair loss, fight infections, regulate excess sebum and activate circulation.

Calendula infusion

Calendula is a medicinal plant very famous for its ability to soothe irritations and inflammations on the skin, so it is perfect to soothe itchy scalp. Prepare an infusion of calendula and use it as a conditioner after washing your hair with your usual shampoo. Do not rinse your hair after using the infusion.

Aloe vera and chamomile

Aloe vera is one of the most beneficial plants to use in home remedies thanks to its multiple properties. In this case, you are going to prepare a mask with three tablespoons of aloe vera gel and 7 drops of chamomile essential oil (or one tablespoon of chamomile extract). Mix both ingredients well and apply to the scalp, dry. Let it act for 20 minutes and then wash your hair as you normally do.

Tea tree

If the source of the itching is an infection or eczema, tea tree and coconut oil are two ingredients that will help you a lot to calm them. Mix three tablespoons of coconut oil with 7 drops of tea tree essential oil and apply to the scalp at night, just before bed. In the morning, wash your hair as you normally do.


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