Las flores de Greta unique designs made with natural flowers and leaves made in Spain


The project of The flowers of Greta stands out for the exclusivity of each of its pieces. The women who captained this brand decided in their day to reinterpret themselves and to do it thanks to the nature that surrounded them. In search of that special connection with the flowers and leaves of the lookout they created their own stamp. The ecoprint is the technique they use to give their designs the ability to be unique, no two pieces are the same. With this artisan technique that consists of transferring the color of nature to the fabric, they regularly collect the base of each of their garments that they print by hand in their workshop. Originality, sustainability and art come together in Las flores de Greta.

Unique designs with natural flowers made in Spain thanks to Las flores de Greta

These artisans they go out to the mountains first thing in the morning in search of their precious flowers and leaves that will be used in their prints made with the ecoprint technique. Nature is the canvas on which they are inspired by each of their creations, in an increasingly technological world, feeling and admiring the beauty of the forests is a priceless garment.

A beautiful scarf, backpack, bag or turban are pieces of your website with a lot of personality. They also create notebooks made with the leaves. Each and every one of these pieces is unique. No two are alike, nature itself influences designs. The different times of the year give rise to leaves or flowers that are completely transformed and give their designs their personal touch. Since its inception they have been incorporating pieces, the bags are really beautiful and very practical. Almost all of our universe fits in them, like backpacks, perfect for day to day.

They are pieces of simple design in which they put all their soul. Connect a little with the most natural part, recreate those walks outdoors or feeling part of a whole When we are locked in a big city, it is something that is achieved with Las Flores de Greta, but there is much more behind these enterprising women. A part of nature destined to create a piece that will be unique in every way. No two leaves or flowers are the same, they all have their own natural design. It will be nature and the hands of these women in charge of creating the most beautiful accessories of the moment.

In the section dedicated to brides they get something wonderful. On that special day, the flowers take center stage. The bouquet that symbolizes so much can end up being a dress or a shirt for day to day. With the flowers of that moment, you can create incredible patterns that will never fade. An idea that turns Greta’s flowers into much more than just a simple online store of unique and natural designsThey are authentic creators of memories and very special pieces.


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