If you want to lose weight, these are the 5 mistakes you should avoid


September is a month of changes and new goals. If you have decided to lose weight, you should know that there are a number of very frequent mistakes when it comes to losing weight. In general, we tend to focus solely and exclusively on weight loss, and we forget to take care of our health and the nutrients that our body needs. And this is precisely what must be avoided.

Stopping eating is not a good idea

It may seem that when you want to lose weight, stopping eating is the best option. But it really is not. One of the big mistakes is skipping meals. Nutritionists insist on the importance of eat five meals a day: breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack and dinner.

There are many celebrities, like Elsa Pataky, who defend the “Intermittent fasting”. As its name suggests, it is about abstaining from eating for a certain period of time. Studies indicate that it offers great benefits, such as fat loss. However, it should always be done under professional supervision.

Restrictive diets? No thanks

On the Internet we can find dozens of restrictive diets, for all kinds of tastes: the hard-boiled egg, the artichoke … They are very boring and monotonous meal plans, and they do not provide the body with the nutrients it really needs.

In addition to being dangerous to health, they are often quickly abandoned because motivation is lost. The best thing is to bet on a healthy and balanced diet, which offers lasting results and allows us to eat everything.

Eating fewer calories than recommended is not a good option either

Okay, it is clear that you have to eat five meals a day. But can you choose a excessively hypocaloric diet? No, since in this way we only get the body to adapt to periods of famine, so it is increasingly difficult to lose weight. Therefore, as soon as we increase our calorie intake a little, we regain the lost weight very easily. The rebound effect!

Weight loss products don’t usually work

Another of the most common mistakes when losing weight is to rely on slimming products, such as pills or shakes. There is no miracle solution to losing weight. The ‘secret’ is simple: exercise and eat well.

Focusing only on cardio doesn’t pay off

By now, we all know how important physical exercise is not only to lose weight, but also to take care of our health. Must do only cardio? No, because that way we can only lose weight by losing fat, but also by losing muscle mass, so we will have a slightly toned body.

These are very common mistakes when looking for a weightloss. As we have pointed out, there is no ‘silver bullet’ to say goodbye to extra pounds and get long-lasting results. You have to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercising and eating healthy.


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