How to print a page and save as PDF on Opera browser?


The Opera browser on the computer supports the printing function. We can either print the web page or save it as a PDF file from the browser. Alternatively, it also has a direct option to save as PDF in the Page menu to store the web page locally on the computer.

Opera Browser has been one of the world’s leading browsers with a fan base of over one million users. What do you think attracted so many people to this browser?

There are many reasons to love the Opera browser, but the main reason is its integrated and easy-to-use interface, and the myriad of other new features that it continues to add with every new update.

One of the most important and useful features of Opera is: save any web page to a PDF on your computer. You can also use this option to print your documents and keep them in a safe place.

Opera gives you the option to convert any web page you want to PDF with full text and images attached to it.

I use the Print as PDF feature extensively to convert important lecture notes or slideshows to PDF so that I can browse them whenever I want. It also ensures that the document is formatted properly and removes any distractions that hinder a user-friendly reading experience.

You can also print them out later for further research or just as a keepsake.

Print and save as PDF in Opera

Reading and studying on a web page with distractions and advertisements can be a daunting task. But Opera makes it easy for you by converting an important web page to a PDF document.

Here are the steps to print and save as PDF on Opera Browser:

  1. Launch the Opera browser.
    Make sure it is updated with the latest version.
  2. Open the web page to save in PDF format.
  3. Click on the Operaopera logo for the menu list.
  4. Hover over the Page menu and select To print.
    Print and save as PDF option in Opera Computer browserThis will open the Print dialog window.
  5. To select Save as PDF under the Destination field.
    Save as PDF destination on Opera browser
  6. Hit on Save order.
  7. Choose location to save the PDF file.

That’s it, we can save any web page you want in PDF format on your computer. You can also use this PDF file to print the electronic copy and keep it with you.

Alternatively, we can also select the Save as PDF option under the Page menu instead of Print in PDF order.

Bottom Line: Save as Opera PDF

The option that allows you to convert any web page you want on Opera into a PDF document is very useful and effective for anyone who finds advertisements and other distractions boring.

With the PDF document, you will have nothing to distract your attention or redirect you to malicious sites. You can devote your full attention to reading the desired web page.

A PDF file will also help you save and keep your important web pages neatly without losing them. You will always have them stored on your computer at all times.

I frequently save web pages as PDF as I read a lot online and most of them are for my university. I have to come back from time to time to analyze them and review them for my tests or my homework.

As PDF files are stored on my computer, I can always be sure that I can browse them anytime, even offline without the internet.

What web pages do you frequently convert to PDF? Is it Wikipedia or something else?

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