How to prevent nail fungus?


The nails are an excellent example of the health of our body, and also of our state of mind, since a bad state in them can be a symptom of another problem. The nail fungus They can be common, and it is certainly very important to know how to prevent them to save yourself a problem.

Have nail fungus it’s quite an annoying problem, both physically and aesthetically. They require immediate attention and special care since they can not only weaken and break the nails, but also infect and destroy them completely.

Why do they appear?

This problem it is known as onychomycosis and it especially affects the toenails, although it can also affect the fingernails. These fungi cause an infection that causes pain, itching, itching and you can even lose the nail.

If they appear, you should worry since both hands and feet affect a very used area. They multiply in hot and humid environmentsTherefore, people exposed to them on a daily basis are more prone to fungi.

Using detergents and abrasives without gloves also encourages fungus growth, as well as tasks where hands are often kept wet. It also affects the use of shoes that are very tight or do not have ventilation, especially when they are worn for a long time.

How to prevent nail fungus

The best prevention is, in the first place, to avoid exposing them to the aforementioned situations, in addition to cutting them and taking care of them with frequent water baths. ORgood care will allow you to detect as soon as possible any infection or nail problem.

Hygiene is also a fundamental aspect, as well as be careful with the use of manicure and pedicure utensils, especially in public establishments where they will be used by more people. It is very important that every time your hands or feet are in contact with water, you dry them well so that they do not stay wet.

If you think you may have fungus because of any of its symptoms, go to the doctor so they can analyze your nails and give you a treatment if it is what he considers appropriate. The fungi must be attacked quickly so that they do not multiply and you risk losing your nails.

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