How to delete Google account from iPhone or iPad Chrome?


Google Chrome browser for iOS or iPadOS can add and remove multiple Google accounts. We can easily delete any connected Google account from iPhone or iPad Chrome from the settings menu of the browser.

Now that Apple allows us to change the default browser on our iPhone, many users have flocked to Google’s offer.

Choosing Chrome over Safari comes with its own set of benefits, including a handy cross-device sync feature. It allows you to quickly access your data on all devices synced with the same Google ID.

However, some users want to break free from this data sync feature, but at the same time, they still want to stick with the Chrome browser. Just recently a friend of mine got an iPhone in his business workspace, which is shared by other users as well.

While all coworkers prefer to use Chrome, signing in is the real issue. As soon as he logs into the account, all saved passwords, payment methods and bookmarks are synchronized and accessible to everyone. This poses a risk to security and privacy.

Hence, the best way to remove associated Google account from Chrome browser and use it as a guest. You can also add or remove multiple Google Accounts from Chrome iOS.

If you want to delete a Google account from Chrome, this guide will help you.

Delete the Google account from Chrome iOS.

Remember that you will also be signed out of other Google apps installed on your device when you delete your Google account from Chrome. These include Gmail, Drive, etc., so if that’s okay, proceed with logging out of the Google account.

Here are the steps to delete and sign out of Google Account from Chrome on iPhone or iPad:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser on iPhone / iPad.
  2. Press the Afterhorizontal 3dots icon for the menu list.
  3. To select Settings of the menu.
    Chrome iOS settings menu
  4. Press currently connected google account.
    It will display the list of accounts currently logged in on the Chrome browser.
  5. Select the Google account that you want to delete.
  6. Press the Remove account from this device option.
    Delete this device's account in Chrome iPhoneNow you will get a confirmation dialog.
  7. Hit on the Remove control button.
    Account deletion confirmation dialog

That’s it; the process is complete. Now you can safely use Chrome without worrying about syncing data with your account. If you have multiple accounts, Chrome will automatically assign them as master accounts.

Bottom Line: Remove Google Connection from Chrome on iOS

It all came from this guide on how to delete your Google Account from Chrome iOS. Logging out of your account is also an option, but this is only a temporary solution as the data will still be there.

The next time you log back in, the data could be easily accessible, which could be a big no for users of a shared device. So if you want to make sure that your data is no longer associated with your iPhone, deleting the account is the best solution.

On that note, we conclude this guide. If you have any questions about removing Google Account from iPhone or iPad, let us know.

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