How to change the search engine on an Opera computer?


The Opera browser allows you to change the search engine used in the address bar. You can choose from the predefined list of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, and even Wikipedia. Opera browser also allows to manage search engines and add custom search engine from settings page.

Opera browser has marked its place as one of the leading browsers in the world with its top notch features and top notch services. He gained immense popularity in a short period of time and made his way to the top.

The only merit goes to its creators to keep it up to date according to the requests of its users. They are constantly making changes to fix minor or major bugs in the browser.

Opera browser offers many essential features for users who like to experiment and play with the user interface of a browser. For example, we can change the default search engine on Opera browser and replace it with any search engine we like. Whether it’s Bing, Yahoo or even DuckDuckGo.

By default, the search engine is set to Google for use in the address bar, but it can be changed in a matter of minutes using the search engine settings.

My brother is a website developer and he loves to experiment with everything on the internet. It’s her favorite way to pass the time. Yesterday he contacted me to help him change the search engine to Opera as he wanted to try the other options. I was happy to help. Let’s see how it’s done.

Change search engine on Opera browser

It is extremely easy to change the default search engine on Opera from Google to any engine of your choice. It gives you the option to choose from the well-known predefined search engine or add a custom search engine.

Here are the steps to change the search engine used in the address bar on the Opera computer:

  1. Launch Opera for computer browser.
  2. Click on the Operaopera logo for the menu list.
  3. To choose Settings from the list.
    Opera browser settings menu on a Windows computer
  4. Scroll down Search engine section.
  5. Click for the drop-down menu under the Search engine used in the address bar.
    Choose a new default search engine in Opera computerIt will display the list of search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo !, Amazon and Wikipedia
  6. Choose the desired search engine to set as the new default setting.

You can also add the custom search engine or set the new default search engine from the manage search engines tongue.

  1. Select to open the manage search engines tongue.
  2. Click on the Aftervertical 3dots icon option against your favorite search engine,
  3. Choose the Default option.

Set a default search engine from the Opera Manage Search Engine tab

In the Manage Search Engines window, you can click the Add command to enter a custom search engine with a query string. This will make the custom search engine used in the address bar.

The custom search engine is powerful enough to set up an organizational or internal search engine.

Add a custom search engine in Opera Computer

Therefore, you can easily change the search engine in the Opera computer browser and explore the features of the engine you want. The steps are simple and effective to add a custom search engine opera browser.

Bottom Line: Change Opera Search Engine

The Opera browser has always been unique in its approach. It has taken tech gaming to a new level by being different from its contemporaries and offering features that are known only to them. Due to their constant improvements and updates to their existing features, users have no possibility to complain about anything.

With the feature that lets you change your search engine to any engine you choose and even add a new one you’ve recently discovered, Opera has opened new doors for people with an experimental and analytical mind.

My brother was very happy when he was able to add a search engine of his choice to the Opera browser and make DuckDuckGo his default search engine.

What is your new default search engine in the Opera browser? Why do you like using this new search engine?

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