Ghee butter is a millennial revolution ideal for breakfast


Ghee is a Sanskrit word for this clarified butter with multiple benefits for the body. They say it cleanses the aura and detoxifies the organs, in addition to promoting memory and concentration. Panchakarma detox and immune-free enhancement go hand in hand with this kind of ancient secret that has come to the West to stay. If you are looking for an ingredient that is able to greatly improve your health, balance the body and take advantage of the great benefits that Ghee butter provides, take note of everything it offers you.

The benefits of ghee butter

It is used to serve as the basis for some Ayurvedic herbal treatments. Ghee butter helps the absorption of these ingredients, being a fundamental basis for good health.

Helps balance the stomach, if taken on an empty stomach, it helps eliminate excess acid and strengthens the mucous lining. If we have digestion problems or eat too fast, it can be a solution to our heartburn problems.

They say it improves intelligence. According to the specialists, it is also capable of improving memory and helps correct mental functioning. It prevents some dementias according to some studies.

It also has great benefits for the skin. Internally and externally, it eliminates scars and helps the skin stay young for longer. Being a fundamental ingredient for natural beauty.

We can take it on an empty stomach with a little water warm as a natural remedy for constipation a basic that can change our lives forever. This ingredient will be essential for a correct intestinal transit.

How to make butter

This ingredient we can buy it in specialized stores, the real one is buffalo, although there are good cow and goat ghee butters. It is lactose free and can help us take care of ourselves inside. We can prepare it at home by following these steps.

  1. We directly put the butter to heat. In this natural and simple process, we want all the water to evaporate and only the milk proteins remain.
  2. It is important to be very aware of the butter or else it may burn or toast too much.
  3. When there is only a layer of foam on top of the butter, before it begins to take color it will be time to remove it from the heat.
  4. We strain the Ghee butter with a very fine strainer, the objective is that there are no impurities left, only the main ingredients. The pure butter that we need in this recipe.
  5. Once drained we can put it in a jar and store it in the fridge. The ideal is to prepare it at the moment and consume it for a week or two.
  6. This type of butter can be eaten directly or with coffee or milk. In hot if it will dissolve perfectly.

Dare to try the fashionable butter, ghee has very good properties that you cannot miss. Making it at home or buying it can change our lives forever in every way.


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