Exercises to relieve foot pain effectively


In few parts of the body pain is as annoying as in the feet, since especially when walking we will notice it much more and it can be unbearable. If you want to know how soothe foot painKeep reading and take note of some exercises that will help you do it effectively.

Physical exercise is very important in many ways, and although it is usually thought that having some discomfort or pain is better not to do it, in some cases it can be of great help. In this sense, always consult with your doctor before doing so in case it is not recommended in your specific case.

Exercises to calm foot pain

Walking barefoot

One of the best remedies to combat foot pain is walking barefoot, if it can be for the sand on the beach much better, but in reality it can serve almost any surface. Having your feet always enclosed in shoes is not healthy for them, so releasing them and walking without anything is highly recommended, especially if you usually spend many hours in heels. Whenever you are at home, walk barefoot.

Move your feet

In the same way that we usually do exercises to tone arms, buttocks, legs or the face, we can also do them to exercise the feet. There are several movements that can be done, such as walking barefoot around the house for two minutes, move your feet in circles or trying to grasp something with your toes.


Balls can be great allies to soothe sore feet, and you should choose one that is medium in size. Sitting or standing, but barefoot, place your foot on top of the ball, as if you were going to step on it, and slide it back and forth. The ball will give you a gentle massage that is very pleasant. You can also make movements in circles or to the sides.

Special cares

This is not an exercise but it is a very effective trick, and it is about giving your feet a relaxing moment, pampering them even one day a week. Simply put them in a bowl of warm water and let them soak for 20-30 minutesIt will also serve to hydrate them.

It is also very important to hydrate them with cream, we normally put cream on our hands but not on our feet, and we should take advantage of the same moment to do it. Also, in the shower you can pass them a pumice stone to perform a small exfoliation and remove calluses and dead skin.


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