Ester Exposito: black blazer without a bra, her keys to sweeping


Ester Exposito He has done it again. The young actress has become the center of attention in the closing ceremony of the San Sebastián Film Festival, which lowers the curtain in its most atypical edition as a result of the restrictions due to the pandemic. And it has managed to be captivating thanks to an elegant and sensual styling in equal parts. The big news is that she has attended the appointment accompanied by her boyfriend, also the actor Alejandro Speitzer.

Ester Exposito
Ester Expósito and Alejandro Speitzer, during the closing of the San Sebastián / Gtres Film Festival

It is not the first time that we have seen Ester Exposito and her boyfriend Alejandro Speitzer attend a film festival together, the last time was in Venice and this time in San Sebastián. They posed separately for the media but then sought out each other. Esther captivated all the cameras very elegant with a two-piece black suit, signed by Dolce & Gabanna, with Bulgari jewelry and Christian Louboutin footwear; Very low-cut flared trousers and blazer. Can you think of a better way to take a preconceived masculine style and give it such a powerful femininity? Only the chosen ones can. Her hair was tied up in a long, high ponytail that made her fleshy red lips stand out. Her boy Alejandro wore a tile-colored suit, shirt, and tie. The Madrilenian continues to load her legion of 25.4 million followers with reasons on Instagram, a social network where she has been crowned as undisputed queen for months.

Ester Exposito shone but it is fair to say that she was also very well accompanied during the last gala in Donosti. Dose of prominence had the actress Najwa Nimri, who always surprises, this time with a short hair with pink bangs and a shocking transparent fabric mask. There was also another Netflix star, Ana Fernandez, which swept away with her gold strapless dress and train that accompanied her long, semi-collected blonde hair. And couples are going because another of the highlights of the night were Belén Cuesta and Tamar Novas. Like Esther and Alejandro, the couple preferred to pose separately – don’t miss the best images of the night!

Photos: Gtres


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