5 historical Netflix movies you can’t miss this fall


The Historical movies are all the rage on NetflixNothing better than looking for a good movie session, blanket and popcorn that will teach us a little about the world in which we live. You can learn a lot from the past, create a better future, and learn from mistakes. There are historical films that show us that past times were not better either, but on the contrary. If you are a history lover who wants to remember and see in the first person great episodes that have marked our present, take note of these 5 historical Netflix movies that you cannot miss this fall.

Historical Netflix Movies You Can’t Miss This Fall

Watching a historical Netflix movie is always a way to learn and remember. It never hurts to see some of these titles that perfectly recreate great historical moments.

“Mary, Queen of Scots” is a period film that shows us the power of a woman at the head of a state. The family problems of a historical dynasty and the unbridled ambition that leads to showing a rigor never seen before. To the letter this historical film recreates one of the first women who reigned with a heavy hand, or at least that is what she tried.

“JFK: Open Case” is an unprecedented historical moment. The assassination of the president of the United States is today an enigma about which rivers of ink have been written. Everyone has a different theory of what ended up happening that fateful day in which the flame of a Kennedy who would die during his term went out. A death that remains inexplicable and that has never been repeated.

“Schindler’s List” is a must-see movie on Netflix. Remembering one of the cruelest episodes in history never hurts. Behind the most absolute cruelty there is always room for hope. In this film we are shown the two sides of the coin, the most irrational and human of a conflict that created the unbalanced world in which we live. Jews were treated as if they were not human, something inexplicable today.

«Cross Stories »based on a masterpiece narrates the life of the ‘maids and ladies’ a racial inequality between whites and blacks that today is fully topical in the United States. This country suffers in the XXI century serious episodes of racism that have paralyzed the world, senseless murders and personal attacks. This historical Netflix film shows the life of black women who worked for white women, their life is not very different today in some parts of this country.

“Patton” is a classic of historical cinema. In this Netflix film they tell us about the military exploits of General George S. Patton until the end of World War II. Siete Oscaras reflect the quality of a film shot in 1970 with an incredible performance of a main actor that recreates all the charisma of Patton. A masterpiece in every way that will teach us an important part of the history of the 20th century.


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