5 dream destinations to celebrate


This September 27 is celebrated World Tourism Day 2020, which this year has the motto “Tourism and rural development”, with which it is intended to create opportunities outside the big cities and preserve the cultural and natural heritage throughout the world.

The United Nations estimates that, by 2050, the 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas, while 80% of those who are currently in a situation of “extreme poverty” live outside the cities. World Tourism Day 2020 will be celebrated once again by UNWTO Member States in all regions of the world, as well as in cities and other destinations, and by private sector organizations and tourists, at a time when the one that communities in rural areas are fighting against the effects of the Ccovid-19 pandemic.

Traveling is and will always be a pleasure, so to commemorate this day we describe these dream destinations. ANDbreak away and relive moments of disconnection and pleasure.

Lisbon and its fados

The capital of Portugal is a little gem starring its various neighborhoods, with slopes, descents, climbs and narrow streets. It is very close, but, at the same time, it is a great unknown. The city of fados has monuments to visit, especially in trolley car, those of yellow color that transport us to the different neighborhoods of the city.

But the best thing is its gastronomy, of immense wealth, with its different types of cod, meats and vegetables at really very low prices. Pastry is also important, highlighting the typical pastries from the Belém neighborhood, a place you have to go to in the city, being one of the most beautiful neighborhoods.

Dublin, impossible to greener

The capital of Ireland is a small (not so much) city in which its most important tours can be perfectly done if we have a weekend getaway. It starts with its central walk, O’Connell Street, the center where there are from museums, to large buildings and many stores to buy. Over there is the Guinness museum where you can discover everything about this famous beer.

The route of the taverns is in the The Temple Bar neighborhoodThe most curious thing is to see those that are centenary because they have a peculiar design, do not miss the live performances of their natives. Another recommendation is the Dublin Castle, which can be visited and offers magnificent views of its surroundings and the city.

Majestic Bilbao

They do not go that far and to celebrate World Tourism Day 2020 we go up north to a city that has been renovated over the years. From the stately buildings to the alleys of the center that all breathe art and history. Here it is essential to visit the Guggenheim museum, whose building is already a work of art in itself. Through the streets of the historic center there are the best pintxos in Spain and also highly appreciated restaurants where cod and fish shine.


Rome and its charms

It is very difficult to choose specific places to visit in Rome. Because every street, every corner and every building can be visited and has a story behind it. The Colosseum is perhaps a majestic and impressive place that allows you to discover centuries of history. The Fontana di Trevi is another one that you must go to, stop, admire … It is not as big as it looks but the whole architectural ensemble shows why Rome is so visited.

Berlin wall route

It is also a city that gives off passion and in which you can still see the somewhat marked differences between the different neighborhoods, east and west, separated for years by a wall. That is why the city organizes routes to discover the history of this great fence, and admire old remains and paintings in the newer part.


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